LOVE NEVER DIES Review, Providence RI, 12/31/2017

LOVE NEVER DIES, National Tour

6:30pm, December 31, 2017
Providence Performing Arts Center
Providence, RI

I can honestly say that I was not expecting much from this show. I mean, how could I be expecting any bit of quality, really? The show is a sequel to a musical I don’t care much for, and has had a very troubled path to premiering here in the United States, even with the pedigree behind it. I’ll be honest: I was expecting a total train wreck. What I got was a show that, really, wasn’t that bad!

This review has some spoilers, in the first paragraph after the jump.
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I’ve decided to start blogging again…

In college, I wrote a lot. In fact, there were times when I envisioned it as my career. That changed, but I continued blogging on and off. Since then, though, I’ve completely fallen out of the habit. 2018 is upon us, though, and I have decided to make a semi-resolution to get back on the horse. I really do miss it.

I’m not going to force myself into a strict schedule (though ideally at least one post a week!), and not going to pigeonhole myself into a format. Just my writing.

Here’s to hoping it’s a resolution I can keep!